Purpose of profile and blog


I’m Be-O, a company employee who is collecting information about copyright.

With the advent of the 100 million creator era, I felt that copyright knowledge was necessary for all people, so I started blogging in 2021.

June 2021: Obtained advanced business copyright certification.

Purpose of the blog

In this blog, I will take up a “little” deeper topic related to copyright.

Today, huge amounts of information are growing exponentially worldwide.
Along with this, the world is overflowing with copyrighted works.
This trend will not change in the future.

Especially if you’re dealing with copyrighted work in a business, or if you’re a creator monetizing ads, you’ll need to know about copyright.

You may get into unexpected trouble if you have a misunderstanding or prejudice.

In the coming era, I think that knowledge that prevents such troubles before they happen is required.

So, again, in this blog, I will take up a “little deeper” topic related to copyright.

The point is that this “a little deep moat”, and if you dig too deeply, the content will be very difficult, and copyright-related is a field where there is room for various interpretations, so you can not say clearly, and it will be difficult to understand by all means.

However, even if you do not dig deep at all and send out information that “in this case, you should take it this way”,
it may not be applicable to the problem you want to solve.

Therefore, I will send out an article with the stance of “a little deep moat”.